Our Story

Motif is a “all things Marketing” website that lists elegant & professional collaterals for marketing needs of small & medium businesses & businesses professionals  Motif aims to give you simple & elegant designs along with content. 

At Motif, we believe in keeping things simple and elegant. Whether you need to jazz up your social media, send out eye-catching emails, or just make your brand look its best, we've got something for you. Our website is packed with professional designs and written materials that are ready to go. You can download, customize, and publish whatever you need in just a few clicks.

All things Marketing from motif

At Motif we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to start our creative projects. AI helps us come up with fresh ideas quickly. But we don’t stop there! Our designers take over from the AI, adding their personal touch to finish everything beautifully. This way, we mix the best of new technology with human talent to make sure every design is perfect.  Same goes with the content, but a lot more human efforts are involved to create impactful content. 

Why Motif? Because we're more than just a website. We're your go-to for making marketing easy and effective. Our designs are made to catch the eye, and our content is written to get people interested in what you're doing.

Join the many businesses and professionals who are already loving what Motif can do. Start making your marketing better today. With Motif, it's easy to show off what makes your business special.

Motif is a initiative of iPOTT IKV. 

iPOTT IKV is a Martech (Marketing Technology) services company, providing Knowledge & Advisory services for marketing in the Digital World.